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Definition of Perfect Fit: Our Top 5 Criteria

Ella Kim

Posted on November 25 2019

Definition of Perfect Fit: Our Top 5 Criteria

As a sunglass stylist, my clients often ask, what is a perfect fit? Here are 5 overarching guidelines to keep in mind:

  1. It’s comfortable. You don’t notice pressure on the sides of your temples or significant weight on your nose or cheeks. No marks are left by your frames on your skin.
  2. Width of your face at eye level matches the width of the frame. It is no more than +1-2mm.
  3. Nose Bridge Fit refers to where the bridge of the frame sits on the bridge of your nose. There should be no gap, or only a very slight gap, between the top of your nose and the bridge of the frame. The bottom of the frames should not be sitting on your cheeks, even when you smile.
  4. Your face and frame proportions should be balanced. What those proportions are can be up to you—what styles you prefer and what you're accustomed to seeing on your face. Just remember that the lens shape and size determine the symmetry and balance of the frame on your face. 
  5. Frames are secure when you do the nod test: nod yes, nod no. 
Finally, the ultimate barometer for the perfect fit frames: you feel like a million bucks. 

We know it’s hard to find your perfect fit. That’s why Cloak Supply is here to help you find your perfect fitting frames. Reach out to us for a complimentary virtual styling session at

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