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About Us

Cloak Supply matches an expertly curated selection of the the world’s premiere sunglass brands, makers, and styles to your unique facial features.

What We Stand For/Our Vision

Our company was founded on the belief that sunglasses are more than just an accessory item. They’re weapons for badassery. But it takes the perfect pair to power your inner superhero—and they aren’t found easily.

Until now.

We start one step ahead with an independently curated selection of the best shades around. Then, we take a fit first approach, allowing you to filter on your individual style preferences and facial features. This will match you with a number of options and you pick the ones that make you feel amazing. Sounds pretty great, right?

At Cloak Supply, our mission is to remove the one-size, one-style-suits-all model with one that honors the diverse makeup of the world we live in—one that sees everyone, and allows everyone to be seen.

We supply sunglasses, for superhumans.