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Sizing and Fit Tips

How do I know the right size for my sunglasses?
We group all of our sunglasses into specific fit categories, such as small face or high cheekbones. In addition, we also provide lens width, bridge size and temple size measurements for each pair. You can reference our Size Guide for how to take your measurements. Typically, the lens width is the most important number to keep in mind. Depending on the style of frames you choose, you can go up or down by one to two millimeters and still find an appropriate fit.

What if I need help finding my size?
If you email us at, our stylists are happy to help you find your perfect pair.

Product Details

What does 100% UVA/UVB protection mean? What is the difference between UVA and UVB?
Ultraviolet (UV) light are the sun's harmful rays that can damage your eyes. There are two main types: UVA and UVB. UVA has longer wavelengths and passes through glass easily; experts disagree about whether or not UVA damages the eyes.  UVB rays are the most dangerous, making sunglasses and sunscreen a must; they don't go through glass.

All Cloak Supply glasses provide you with 100% UVA/UVB protection to make sure you are both safe and stylish.

Can I put prescription lenses into your frames?
Some of our frames are scriptable. At this moment we do not provide prescription lens with your frames. Information on which ones are suitable can be found using the filters and can be found on the product descriptions.

What is the quality of your sunglasses?
We choose our brands and styles based on a strong quality standard. We look for partners that have a commitment to delivering the best value with their materials and design. What we consider good quality can be felt from the quality of the acetate or metal. High quality acetate, which is a cellulose, a plant-based, non-petroleum based hybrid form of plastic, has a different density, hand feel and sheen. While being strong, it is also flexible and hypoallergenic. Plastic (non-acetate) tends to be less durable.  Our metal frames feel sturdy yet refined and light. All of our sunglasses also have quality hinges and meticulous construction, which provide smooth opening/closing and flat folding. Some of our frames are hand-made. Please refer to the brand websites for even more in-depth about their respective materials and production processes or reach out to

Are all of your sunglasses authentic?
All of our products are from 100% authentic brands and we are authorized by these brands to offer you our handpicked selection.

How do I clean and care for my sunglasses?

Keeping your sunglasses clean is the best way to ensure their longevity!

  • Begin by rinsing your sunglasses in warm soapy water. This will remove grit, dirt, dust etc. Don't use hot water, this may damage the lens coating.
  • Next, apply a mild soap to fingers and gently rub the lens, nose pads and frame. Rinse glasses well and shake excess water off. Avoid dish soap with lotions and hand sanitizers.
  • Carefully dry lenses and frame. A clean soft cloth works best. Avoid abrasive cloths, towels, facial tissues or paper towels as they may scratch the surface.
  • When not wearing your sunglasses, store in a dry place. Use your case to keep your frames safe. This is the easiest and most effective way to avoid scratches and keep the dust & dirt off.
  • Don’t let your sunglasses overheat in your car or direct sunlight. High heat can damage the frame and lens.
  • Avoid placing sunglasses on top of your head as it can stretch them and cause the glasses to become misaligned over time.

How do I adjust my sunglasses for maximum fit and comfort?

Sometimes sunglasses need to be adjusted to fit your face more comfortably. Some adjustments can easily be done at home with a little careful handling. Some frame materials resist adjustment like titanium, memory titanium, memory plastic, or aluminum alloy. Others are quite adjustable, including stainless steel or acetate temple arms in which a stainless steel rod is embedded. If your frames are made of adjustable materials, please see the following for some easy adjustments tips.

  • If the arms of the sunglasses are a little loose. Insert a mini screwdriver into the screw hinges. Turn the screw clockwise to tighten it.
  • If the frames rest a little too low on your nose:
    • For wireframe glasses - use your thumbs to push the nose pads closer together until they fit snugly against both sides of your nose.
    • For acetate glasses - run warm water for 30 seconds over the part of the frame you want to bend to soften it. Then bend inward at the bridge, the hinges, or the bend of the temple arm, to make the frame fit more snugly.
  • If they they are pinching your nose for wireframe glasses only, use your thumbs to spread the nose pads out until they fit comfortably.
  • If they are a little crooked; one lens is higher or lower than the other: bend the opposite temple arm down where it is most adjustable: at the hinge or the bend at your ear.

For any serious adjustment, taking them to your local optician is your best bet. Most opticians will do it for free.

    Returns and Exchanges

    What is your return policy?
    All sales are final. If for some reason, the item you received is defective, please reach out to for a replacement or refund.

    Ordering and Shipping

    What does shipping cost?
    We offer USPS shipping for $5 on all orders placed in continental United States.

    Where do you ship to?
    We currently ship anywhere within the continental United States. For international shipments standard shipping charges apply.

    When can I expect my order?
    We ship all orders with USPS shipping. Orders are shipped same day if placed before 12PM EST. Business days are Monday-Friday, excluding federal holidays within the United States. If your order is placed on Saturday or Sunday, it will be processed on the following business day.

    There is a mistake with my order, am I able to cancel it?
    Once your order is submitted, you have a one hour window to make any changes. Please email within one hour of submitting your order to ensure we can cancel it in time.

    Covid Precautions

    We disinfect every pair of sunglasses thoroughly before we ship each pair.