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Petite Face

A petite face shape is characterized by both a smaller width and length. Smaller sunglasses are therefore 52mm for lens width. The key to the perfect fit is to not go too wide with the frame and too tall with the lenses as to not overwhelm the face and proportions.


Low Nose Bridge

A low nose bridge pair of sunglasses solves common East Asian fit problems by staying lifted off of your cheek bones, properly fitting on your nose and preventing your eyelashes from touching the lenses. Typically, this pair of sunglasses will have an augmented nose bridge area and shorter, wider and less curved frames. The lens width should be at least 53 mm or wider. Frames with adjustable nose pads work very well, but even non nose pad acetate frames with higher molded nose pads can provide a comfortable fit.


High Cheekbones

Prominent cheekbones mean that most oversized or long lens shapes will leave imprints on the skin and can therefore be uncomfortable to wear. Smaller lenses that still fit the width of your face may help avoid the sunglass cheek marks. Sunglasses with nose pads will also help to keep frames sitting away from your face and from resting on your cheekbones.

Wide Face

A wide face shape can vary using lens width between 54mm- 60mm+ in width. Oversized trend silhouettes will work well with a longer and larger lens to balance with the face shape.

Long FaceLong Face

For a long face shape, sunglasses should be larger in size, ideally covering the face from the eyebrows to cheekbones to create a balanced look. Oversized glasses are therefore ideal while still keeping width of your face in mind, especially a cat eye as well as a larger wayfarer or rectangular styles. Avoid small sunglasses.

High Nose BridgeHigh Nose Bridge

If your nose bridge is higher, most sunglasses tend to sit too high on your nose or maybe uncomfortable on your nose. Sunglasses with nose pads can provide a helpful adjustment to sit lower on the nose. You can also look for a more narrow nose bridge measurement in your potential pair. There should be little to no space between the bridge of sunglasses to where it rests on your nose.


While they can be helpful to for some face shapes, nose pads can create discomfort for some--they leave marks if the sunglasses are too heavy and they get stuck in your hair if you like to put your sunglasses on your head. For people who do rely on nose pads for a better fit, you will also find frames in this category that will fit your nose bridge size and provide a comfortable fit without the cumbersome nose pads.


As you might imagine from the name, these sunglasses are extremely light weight. They are made out of ultra light weight metals such as titanium and are comfortable enough for all day wear.