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Size Guide

Sizing your Sunglasses


 Sizing your Sunglasses

What to look for in sunglass sizing (measured in millimeters):

1) Lens Width: it’s the most important measurement that determines fit. It is the length of one lens. Ranges 40 — 66mm. 

  • Petite Faces should stay under 50mm size frames as a general recommendation. 
  • Wider faces should look for frames in the 57mm+ range. 
  • Depending on the style of frames you choose, you can go up or down by one to two millimeters and still find an appropriate fit.
  • If you want a more oversized look, your measurements will be larger.

2) Bridge Width: the size that fits depends on width and height of your nose bridge. 14 — 24mm range. To get at the approximation of your face width, you would add the lens width times two and add the bridge width.

3) Temple Length: the distance from the lens to the end of the sunglass arm. 120 — 150mm range. 

An easy way to figure out what size of sunglasses you should wear is to take your best fitting pair of sunglasses that you own and look at the inner side of the temple. There will be three numbers separated by box icons. These three numbers are the lens, bridge and temple measurement of that sunglass, in that order. Pay attention to the first measurement as a proxy for lens width that is good for your face.